Has the time come for mandatory CMDE?

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Since the beginning of this year, the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council has been discussing the pros and cons of a possible legislation that will make continuous medical and dental education (CMDE) mandatory for re-registration.

The matter was first discussed in the meeting of the Medical Education Committee at the end of January. It was again taken up in the meeting of the whole board of SMDC at the end of March 2014. Most medical and dental practitioners are in favour of such a move and have commended the Council. However, certain dissenting views have also come to the fore.

The Board of the SMDC has resolved that the matter can only be approached by a fair consideration of all views and also taking into account the specificities of Seychelles.

Hence, it is expected that very soon a committee consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council, the Seychelles Medical and Dental Association, representatives of private practitioners and other key members of the medical and dental profession, will be constituted to discuss this issue in depth and breadth.

Whatever the outcome of this multi-stakeholder consultation, most medical and dental professionals share the view that doctors and dentists in Seychelles have no choice but to follow what their peers do in other countries. If they really have clinical care quality and patient safety at heart, they need to stretch themselves thin to keep abreast with scientific development in their fields.

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