Island doctors and clinical research – the score card

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“Participation of senior Seychellois doctors and dentists in teaching and clinical research is a requirement to obtain and to hold the post of consultant,” says a leading policy adviser of the Ministry of Health.

Yet not many senior doctors and dentists have been actively involved in either of these activities in recent years.

One could easily argue that with the medical and dental landscape in Seychelles the way it is, with the absence of a robust medical and dental school and the dearth of a research culture, in addition to the heavy workload of senior doctors and dentists, it is next to impossible to demand their greater involvement in clinical research.

But is this the only view?

Whilst it is very an absolute certainty that clinical research is a heavily taxing intellectual and management endeavour, involving many people working as a team, it is equally true that the local medical and dental community must find ways to change the clinical care landscape to favour research and development in their fields.

“The adage that if you do not publish, you perish, should also be true here,” emphasizes the policy adviser.

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