Working group starts reviewing medical and dental practice rules

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A working group of senior doctors and dentists, appointed by health minister Mitcy Larue, began work today, Friday 10th October 2014, on a new regulatory framework for medical and dental practice in Seychelles.

Dr Conrad Shamlaye

The group is led by Dr Conrad Shamlaye , erstwhile principal secretary and special adviser in the  Ministry of Health and includes representatives from the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council, the Seychelles Medical and Dental Association, the private sector and the ministry of health.

A member of the group, Dr Bernard Valentin, has said that the group has been tasked with reviewing all matters that concern medical and dental practice in Seychelles and is expected to submit a report to the health minister at the end of January 2015.

Dr Valentin added that the changing health landscape in Seychelles, with an exponential increase in private conventional and alternative health practices and the need to properly regulate that landscape, preoccupied the working group today.

Younger doctors and dentists, who have just completed or are in the midst of their internships, were also invited to contribute to the deliberations of the group.

“The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act was last reviewed in 1994. Two minor amendments to the act have happened since then but no review as extensive and as inclusive as this one has ever been undertaken,” says Dr Valentin.

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