Select group discusses medical and dental care quality at private event

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At a one of a kind social gathering held at the Medent Clinic in Victoria, Mahe in the evening of Thursday 6th November 2014, some thirty select medical, dental, legal, pharmaceutical, insurance and other professionals together with patients and some elements of the media, stood up to discuss the state of health care quality in Seychelles and how it might be better regulated.

The event was organized by Dr Jose Souyave, a Seychellois private dental practitioner working  in United Kingdom, to celebrate twenty years of the existence of his dental practice, Medent Clinic.

Topics broached during discussions included accounts of how the medical and dental professions are regulated in United Kingdom and the efforts underway in Seychelles to move closer to the ideal regulatory framework for this country.

Those who spoke at the gathering included Dr Souyave, Dr Gavin Gill, Dr Guy Ah-Moye, Dr Bernard Valentin, Dr Conrad Shamlaye, Mr Ralph Volcere, Mr Daniel Belle, Mr Eddie Micock, Mr Behram of Behram Pharmacy fame amongst many others.

The gathering also heard passionate views by some members of the public who had been aggrieved in the past by some medical care decisions. Those members of the public demanded more protection of the patients from eventual medical or dental malpractices.

There appeared to be a consensus that the legal system could contribute to improving care quality in Seychelles if patients and their lawyers were more systematic in demanding greater accountability from care givers.

Also present at the gathering were other eminent members of the local community such as Bishops Wong and Chang Him. They spoke eloquently about the spiritual dimensions of care.

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