Doctors and Dentists vote in their choices for Council membership

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Young Dr Winnie Low-Wah wrote a paragraph of local medical history on Friday 16th October 2015, as she became one of the youngest doctors ever to be voted to serve on the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council, a body usually composed almost exclusively of seasoned members of the profession.

Dr Winnie Low-Wah

“I vow to do my best despite my inexperience,” she stated to the group of doctors who had votrd her in.

It had been apparent for some days that the young doctors (below 35 years) who are slowly becoming the bulk of the medical and dental profession and a force to reckon with, wanted one of their own to be their voice on the Council.  And they did not disappoint.

Young doctors at Seychelles Hospital – increasingly the engine of the health system.

52 doctors and 20 dentists in total turned up for the elections that were organized with the highest degree of professionalism.

The following doctors and dentists were nominated by elections to serve on the next Council.


Dr Valentina Seth – Private Sector Paediatrician
Dr Joachim Bistoquet – Radiologist at Seychelles Hospital
Dr Winnie Low-Wah – General Practitioner, doing the final semester of her internship


Dr Velmurugan Chetty – Maxillofacial Surgeon at Seychelles Hospital

Dr Dereck Samsoodin – Private Sector Dentist

Dr Samsoodin

The Term of Office of the current members of the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council ends on the 22nd November 2015.

The 11 Members of the Council, including the five nominated today, are formally appointed to the Council by the Minister responsible for health.


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