Council ends 2016 on even keel

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2016 has been a most momentous year for the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council. It joined the International Association of Medical and Regulatory Authorities. It re-entered the Association of Medical Councils of Africa and it achieved all its financial targets for the year.

2016 was also marked by an unusually high number of cases of alleged professional misconduct reported to the Council. Fourteen complaints in total were registered, of which nine were against doctors and five against dentists.  One dentist was suspended from the Register whilst five doctors and one dentist were reprimanded. Of those who were reprimanded fines (1) and/or mandatory training (2) in specific areas of health care were added to their sanctions.

Although this does not necessarily mean a major downturn in the quality of medical or dental care in Seychelles, it does mean a greater consciousness on the part of the public of the role the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council can playing to improve medical and dental practice in Seychelles.

In 2016, the Council also put a lot of emphasis on promoting person-centered care and joined the Ministry of Health and the other professional councils in organising major sensitisation events throughout the country. So much so that person-centerer care has now become the buzz word for health-policy makers.

The Annual Report of the Council will be published on this site soon.

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