Visit to Silhouette Medical Centre

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20170511_122711A delegation of the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council consisting of the Chairman, Dr B Valentin, the Registrar, Dr S Fock Tave and the Assistant Registrar, Ms May Paule Gallante visited the Silhouette Medical Centre on 11th May.

The delegation was courteously received by staff of the centre, resident doctor German Anaesthesiologist, Dr Thomas Ihmann and the resident nurse, Ann Radin. The purpose of the visit was to explain the old and the new features of the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act and regulations thereof.  It was also to inspect and learn about the facility.

Silhouette Medical Centre is  managed by the German Company Resortdoc under a tripartite agreement between the Ministry of Health, the Islands Development Company and Labriz Resort, the hotel on the island.

Until 2014, Silhouette Medical Centre and Resortdoc managed the only hyperbaric chamber in Seychelles. Seychelles Hospital is now the main provider of hyperbaric therapy for dive accidents and other uses. Although Silhouette Medical Centre serves only a small and predominantly well clientele, it also boasts of a rudimentary dental service and observation facilities for day cases.

Getting a feel of the decompression chamber

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