Seychelles: an attraction for medical and dental students

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Medical and Dental Students from abroad
Students from Germany, showing interest to do electives in Seychelles

Every year dozens of medical and dental students from reputable universities around the world seek to come to Seychelles to do their electives.  In 2016 there were 55 such students.  The Health Care Agency charges 175 Euros for a nursing student to be attached to its hospital and 350 Euros for a medical student.

The attraction of Seychelles appears to be not only the very low fees, the weather, the sun, the sea and the sand but also the unique health care system.

Seychelles has attained universal health coverage. Primary, secondary and tertiary care are all free at the point of use. The macro public health indicators going from life expectancy (the average hovers around 74 years),  through infant mortality ( 10-12 per 1000 live births) to maternal mortality ( on average about 1  person per year in absolute numbers) are exceptionally good.

Students coming from overseas are able to see how this health care system impacts on the health and well being of the citizens.

Like the western countries, Seychelles is grappling with the non communicable diseases. the prevalence of obesity is high and associated with this is high prevalence of diabetes which hovers around 10% of the population according to recent cross-sectional surveys. There is a unique tertiary care hospital, Seychelles Hospital, to which most of the international students on electives are attached.


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