SMDC Chairman Resigns

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The Chairman of SMDC, Dr Bernard Valentin, has resigned with effect from the 30th June 2018. Dr Valentin will remain an ordinary  member of the Council until the 30th September 2018. In his letter of resignation, Dr Valentin cited the need for new leadership to take the Council much further forward. He said a lot had been accomplished from the time he took over in 2013.

Outgoing Chairperson, Dr Bernard Valentin

Some, but not all, of the accomplishments of SMDC during this time, (in no particular order), has been the following:

• New professional misconduct regulation
• New fees structure
• Intensification of disciplinary procedures and transparency in decision making on matters of discipline
• Creation of a website, Facebook page and Wikipedia entry
• Adoption of a logo
• Trustworthy database with new unique identifier
• Introduction of primary and secondary source verification of documents
• Annual publication of trustworthy list of registered practitioners as per law
• Annual auditing of the Accounts as per the law
• Joining of AMCOA ( Association of Medical Councils Of Africa)
• Joining of IAMRA (International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities)
Introduction of new trustworthy database and unique identifier.
• Collaboration with GMC-UK (General Medical Council of UK)
• Organization of the Annual Conferences with involvement of Professors of International repute
• Receipt of funding from Government to pay staff and Council Members
• Increase of Council funds from 285,000SR to over 1,200,000SR
• New spacious Headquarters for the Council
• Acquisition of 3 permanent full time employee-posts
• Appointment of a Senior Medical Practitioner as the Registrar
• Winning of a Supreme Court Case
• Initiation of process to renew Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act
• Contribution to elevate person centred care in Seychelles
• Close collaboration with the Nurses and Midwives Council and the Health Professionals Council

Members of the Council thanked Dr Valentin for his service and his leadership.


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